December 07, 2011

please support... ;)

Search for Mr. & Ms. McDonald's Baguio- Benguet 2011. please support team McDonald's La Trinidad for the people's choice award.....

To vote for Jessica, just click JESSICA

photo courtesy: Perry John Tadina

To vote for Denver, just click DENVER

 Photo Courstesy: Perry John Tadina

author's note:

please help, your vote counts. VOTE and SHARE... thanks! i am humbly part of this pageant, i do this not for my self but for La Trinidad, this not about gaining fame.... it's about dedicating this to the restaurant where i am part... all that i will do for this search, it's all for McDo La Trinidad. good luck McDonald's La Trinidad.

thank you sooo much and... God Bless!


Diamond R said...

Good luck. Ganda

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

Balang araw ma discover na ang kagandahan mo....

Vintot said...

Done. Goodluck.