September 13, 2012


September 12, 2012 (4:00-5:00pm) sa College of Teacher Education sa subject na Developmental Reading kami ay nagbasa (malamang) hehe. (detailed? detailed?)

Ang buhay ay complicated gaya nitong nasa art na ito. Matagal na ito, 2 years ago na. Ngayon ko lang na-realize ganito pala ako ka-koplikado mag-isip nun! Hindi maintidihan. HAHA. Compare sa mga naagawa ko ngayon, medyo naiintindihan na.

Balik tayo sa reading....

Napunta sa akin ang article na very interesting, let me share you... 

Your body is the only vehicle you have been given for this ride called "Life." Taking good care of your body will ensure a longer, happier ride. The following tips integrate your Body, Mind, and Spirit, which are all required to maintain a healthy, happy body!
  1. Healthy diet and nutrition.
    Health care practitioners will tell you that you have to provide your physical body with high quality fuel if you want it to run properly. Eat a healthy, chemical-free diet high in vital nutrients. Take the herbal and vitamin supplements that will support you in your good health.
  2. Get adequate rest.
    Get the appropriate amount of uninterrupted sleep you need to engage your REM patterns. REM sleep is your nervous system’s way of healing and refueling your body. Also, if you’re feeling overly sluggish, take a short nap or sit and rest. Chronic sleep and sluggishness problems should be reported to your health care provider.
  3. Stay focused in the present moment.
    Feelings of regret or worry about a past event, or worry and anxiety about an upcoming future event are not only a waste of your precious life time. They also add stress to the body, which makes you more susceptible to disease. Stay present and focused on the beauty and gifts this moment is offering you!
  4. Just do it! Exercise.
    Exercise is known to help you live a longer and healthier life. The body needs to stay in action and movement. Move it, or lose it!
  5. Mental exercise and stimulation.
    A healthy physical body includes a sound and sharp mind. Keep challenging your mind to expand, grow, learn, experience, decipher, and explore. Use it, or lose it!
  6. Meditate.
    Not only is meditation simple and fun, it also has been known to reduce your heart rate, reduce your stress level, help you become present in this moment, increase your feelings of peace, serenity, joy, and spiritual faith. This all does the body good!
  7. Surround yourself with a great support system (family, friends).
    Keep yourself surrounded from every side with positive-minded, healthy people who are on YOUR team - People who will care for, support, love, respect, and appreciate you.
  8. Laugh often.
    Recent studies are showing the significance of how laughter, fun, and mirth help keep people healthy, as well as heal sick bodies. Everyone really is a unique, hilarious person. Look for the hilarity in every situation and keep laughing.
  9. Keep your thoughts positive.
    What you put out does come back. So if you want to feel and look great, monitor your thoughts closely to ensure that you are thinking only positive, forwarding thoughts. If you catch yourself thinking a negative thought, simply turn it around into a positive thought.
  10. Deal with your emotions. Do not stifle them.
    If you are avoiding dealing with any emotions that have cropped up in your life, what do you think you are doing to your poor body? It has to store this emotional energy somewhere. Face your feelings, express them healthfully, and whatever you do, stop stuffing them down in to an oozing, black hole of ill health!
    So ayun! I really find this very helpful. Wala lang. Share lang :)


Archieviner said...

Thanks for sharing :)

Sey said...

#3...natamaan ako. Worrying is one of hobbies. Thanks for sharing this.

MEcoy said...

"your body is the only vehicle you have been given for this ride called life" na moved ako by that

Xan Gerna said...

Exercise is known to help you live a longer and healthier life. The body needs to stay in action and movement. Move it, or lose it! - eto ang wala ako eh haha! hmmm parang want ko na nga mag exercise sa labas bukod sa kama lols! ^_^

Pareng Jay said...

Laugh often. Hobby ko na ata to. Kahit walang dahilan tumatawa ako. XD

Anonymous said...

oo helpful tlga, thanks for sharing it!


mr.nightcrawler said...

nadepress naman ako sa post mo. number 7 and 8 lang ang meron ako kaya ibig sabihin hindi ako totally healthy. huhu.

gord said...

astig nung doodle!

waah. hindi ko nagagawa yung lahat. lol.

sherene said...

Salamat sapag share gagawin ko yan hehehe

JC Mercado said...

complicated talaga! haha. but hey its worth the thrill naman e. haha. cutie patootie ng doodle mo! haha. sali ka naman sa giveaway ko? -

Walk with Shing

Pink Line said...

sa tingin ko healthy ako kasi madalas akong tumatawa.. baliw lang?hehe..