January 31, 2011

I am

I am
by: jessica lopez

I am a director, I direct every scene of my life to be shooted leading to a block buster movie.

I am a photographer, capturing life's best shots, keeping picture of every momentous journey,

I am a librarian, filling an empty mind with tons of books and reading materials.

I am a banker, I save money for future and for bigger plans.

I am a travel agent, I schedule my trips for my entire life.

I am a farmer, I harvest what I have planted.

I am a chef, I cook great recipe, I mix it with love, happiness and determination to make my life tastier and enjoying to eat.

I am an engineer, I plan buildings of dreams and construct life that I want.

I am a designer, I creatively decorate every corner of my life with my artistic ability.

I am a policewoman, I protect myself against crime and violence.


Deric said...

then you are...

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